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Why Unicorns?

Is your child obsessed with unicorns? Not sure about you but my daughter absolutely loves them. From clothes, to soft cuddly toys, to food and even her toothbrush! If it has a majestic unicorn on it she is there. Rainbow ones in particular. 

She is the reason I created my latest coloring book “Cool, Clever, Creative Unicorns“. This coloring book is all about unicorns but has a slightly different take. It shows these magical animals doing a range of cool things that children may like to do, like playing sports or a musical instrument, doing math, gaming, playing with friends and more.

It has some fun with unicorns and shows that they don’t just chase rainbows all day, they are fun, cool, creative and clever. They like to learn and try new things, just like kids today. 

If you are interested, check it out on Amazon!

Cool, Clever, Creative Unicorns Coloring Book for Kids
Cool Unicorn Coloring Book for Kids