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Ready or Not, Here I Come! - Kids Picture Book

Ready or Not, Here I Come

As a Mom, have you ever felt like hiding just so you can have a few peaceful moments to yourself? This children’s picture book is about a fun game of hide and seek, with a twist. It is Mommy who is hiding.

Join Mommy and her daughter in a game of hide and seek in this fun and interactive children’s picture book.

Can you find where Mommy is hiding?

Available in paperback and eBook formats.


Five Stars April 22, 2018 

What an adorable (and relatable!!!) book! Such a fun little read. My girls love it!


Hide and Find Peace!  April 21, 2018 
A fun book and something all mums can relate to – trying to get a moment’s peace from the kids!
Also a great way to introduce the game ‘Hide and Seek’ to children