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Quick and Easy Halloween Costumes That Are Potty Training Friendly

Girl Halloween
Girl Halloween

Looking for quick and easy Halloween costumes that are potty training friendly? Halloween with toddlers is a blessing and a curse. They look so cute in their adorable costumes. One year, my oldest wore a pumpkin costume, and it was every bit as adorable as the catalog description promised. But whoever created this costume probably never potty trained a toddler. For each “trick or treat” we heard at least two “I have to go pottys”. Lesson learned!

The next year, I did my homework. Here are some quick and easy costume ideas: 

  • Find a white sheet (old cot sheets are great) make a ghost outfit – don’t forget to cut out the eyes. Add in some black leggings or trousers underneath to keep little legs warm and easy to pull down.
  • Witches, fairies and dresses that are a little bit shorter are also great. Again, leggings underneath help. Avoid long dresses that are hard to pull up and sometimes get in the way.
  • A mummy is another idea. Wear a black long sleeve top and black leggings. Then wrap toilet paper over the body. Using a separate starting point, wrap around each of the legs. This way it is still easy to pull down the pants if the urge arises. Bring some extra toilet paper just in case some of it rips on the road.
  • Policemen, firefighters, Frankenstein, scarecrows are also great as they have trousers.

Things to avoid:

  • Props, not only does your child not want to hold them after a while, they get in the way when your child is ready to go potty.
  • Onesies or all-in-one costumes. Things like overalls or jumpsuits are too hard to get off. Some animal costumes fall into this category.
  • Long dresses

Another suggestion is choose a trick or treat route where you know some of the neighbors along the way so you can call in for a pit stop if the need arises. Also, bringing a spare pair of leggings or trousers – just in case – is always a good idea.

Don’t forget any costume can be dressed up with a fun hat or face painting.

Speaking of potty training and Halloween, if you or a parent you know is going through this stage with kids, check out my potty training books. I know this stage can be a little tricky sometimes.