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Potty Time for Boys - Potty Training for Kids Picture Book

Potty Time for Boys

Teaching your little boy how to go potty? There are some differences for boys than there are for girls when it comes to potty training. So why not let boys have their very own book!


This fun and colorful book, written in verse, will get him ready and feeling confident about this important milestone. Great for reading on the potty or when he is showing interest. So, if you are ready to say bye bye to diapers, then this book is for you.


This book comes with a FREE downloadable potty chart and coloring book – details in the book.


Available in Paperback and eBook formats.


For everything you need to know about potty training visit toddler potty training.

The one time potty is funny – Nov 30, 2020 
I am an adult but I am laughing so hard reading this potty training book told from the child’s point of view. Watching the adults going off to potty is adorable! In a good way now. Tastefully done. A must (read) for every child. We know it’s mostly the parents reading but very uplifting for the child nonetheless. The artwork is adorable too.
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