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Potty Training Mindfulness

Whether your family’s potty training memories are adorable anecdotes that you tell over and over again or sticky situations that you prefer to leave in the past, one thing is for certain. These memories will stay with you for a long time.

potty training mindfulness
potty training mindfulness

If the words “potty training” fill you with dread, then you aren’t alone. Potty training is a struggle for a lot of families. The new year is a great time to pull up those training pants and start (or re-start) the potty training process.

Some children potty train in a matter of weeks while others take much longer, leaving parents with questions like, “Did we start too early?” or “What are we doing wrong?” 
Here are some mindfulness tips to help you and your toddler ditch diapers once and for all.

  • Be consistent about potty times. You can start the routine first thing in the morning, then before and after meals, before and after bath time, and before bedtime. Having a routine helps develop your child’s natural instincts that kick in when it’s time to go potty.
  • Read potty training books with your child. Children are smart, and seeing a character they identify with using the potty in a book can be quite encouraging. It can also help answer tricky questions or address something your child hasn’t thought to ask yet.
  • Toys like dolls that wet and poo can help children understand the anatomical process of going potty so that they know what to expect when they go. This knowledge can help relieve any anxiety they may have as well.

Things to avoid when potty training include:

  • Avoid potty-shaming your child or comparing them to other children their age who may be more advanced in the potty-training process. If your child seems anxious or scared, there’s a chance they’re not ready.
  • Avoid setting unrealistic expectations. Each child is different and potty trains at their own pace. Be patient and encourage your child to help them understand that it’s okay if they aren’t ready to potty train right now.
  • Avoid keeping all of this to yourself. If you have questions or if something seems completely abnormal, then do not hesitate to ask your child’s doctor for advice.

If you are looking for tips and tricks and a whole website dedicated to potty trainings, check out Toddler Potty Training

Speaking of potty training, if you or a parent you know is going through this stage with kids, check out my potty training books.
Potty training can be tricky. (Ask me how I know…) These are the kinds of books that I wish were available when I potty trained my children. I hope that your family enjoys them!

Potty Training books
Potty Training books