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Mission 5 - Zapping Zombies

Mission 5 – Zapping Zombies just launched!

Mission 5 - Zapping Zombies
Mission 5 – Zapping Zombies

t’s hard to believe that in less than a year, the 5th children’s picture book in the Secret School Spy Squad series, Mission 5 – Zapping Zombies is ready. I wanted to make this one more unbelievable with the introduction of zombies.  This time there is more at stake, Sx4 Agent N has to protect the students and teachers from drooling zombies attacking the school.

Appealing to both boys and girls, the Secret School Spy Squad series is about a student spy who’s identity is unknown.  It could be a boy or a girl.  My daughter swears the spy is herself. In each book the spy has to complete a new mission and receives not only the satisfaction of solving a case but receives a badge for each successful mission.

The series is targeted at children between the ages of 4 and 7.  Those about to go to school or new to school. Kids that want to feel special and be a hero in their school environment.  The books are full of colourful illustrations and relatively short so make a great first reader or bedtime story.

If you like zombies and kid heroes, check out Mission 5 – Zapping Zombies!