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Mission 4 - Hair-raising Hair (Secret School Spy Squad)

Mission 4 - Hair-raising Hair

Probably the funniest mission so far as Sx4 Agent N receives a mission about teachers’ hair standing up on end.  

​Trying not to laugh, see how Sx4 Agent N solves this electrifying mission.

This is the 4th book in the Secret School Spy Squad series.  A fun children’s picture book, full of colour and rhyme, tells the story from the perspective of the secret student spy as they try and solve the mystery. The gender and identity of the spy is hidden, allowing your child to imagine themselves in the story. This is a great first reader or bedtime story as your child can drift into slumber dreaming of saving their friends and teachers at school.

Available in paperback and eBook formats.

Delightfully funny! April 10, 2017
Another delightful book that my granddaughter enjoys. Very funny, and the illustrations are so comically expressive.