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Mission 3 - Shrinking Students (Secret School Spy Squad)

Mission 3 - Shrinking Students

Sx4 Agent N receives a horrifying mission.  Students at school have been shrunk.  


This mystery has to be solved quickly and some serious detective work is required so that the students can return to their normal size.


The gender and identity of the spy is hidden, allowing your child to imagine themselves in the story. This is a great bedtime story as your child can drift into slumber dreaming of saving their friends at school.


This is the 3rd book in the Secret School Spy Squad series.


Available in paperback and eBook formats.

Great Spy Reading! January 11, 2017
I loved this spy story for kids. I was able to read it with my younger daughter and son and it was filled with the colorful illustrations. The story itself was also interesting and filled with adventure.