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Making Daycare Fun for Everyone

No one experiences the first day of school jitters more than children attending daycare for the first time. You can make the experience fun for the whole family with careful preparation using these tips:

  • Attend a daycare orientation before your child starts attending. This allows you and your child to meet their new teachers and classmates. It also takes some of the mystery out of daycare.
  • Read children’s books about going to daycare. These books explain the process on your child’s level and provide an opening for your child to ask any questions they might have.
  • Arrange playdates with children who attend the daycare before your child starts attending. Knowing they’re going to see friends at daycare makes the concept more exciting for them.
  • Stick to a routine. The night before daycare, help them select what clothes they’ll wear and pack their backpack. The next morning, eat a healthy breakfast and remind them about all the awesome things about going to daycare.

No matter how much parents try to prepare, some children may cry or show other signs of anxiety about going to daycare. If your child is having an adverse reaction to being separated from you, be patient, ask the day care teachers or your medical professional for more recommendations.

If you are looking for a morning routine chart to help you out, save and print the one below.