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You don’t have to be a palaeontologist to enjoy a good dinosaur-themed party. This email is chock full of pter-iffic ideas including a snack, drink, and craft that will have kids and grown-ups alike feeling like a party-saurus rex.

Every successful party has a common element. Guests leave with a full belly and a happy heart. Check out these timeless tips. Which are your favorites?

  1. FOOD – Dinosaur-shaped nuggets and “pterodactyl” wings, jiggly gelatin dinosaur eggs, and mac and cheese using dino-shaped eggs are surefire crowd pleasers. Take the menu up a notch with a Dinosaur Dig Cake!
  2. DRINKS – You don’t have to be a fan of Jurassic Park to enjoy a cup of Raptor Punch. This mocktail is fun  for partygoers for all ages!
  3.  CRAFTS – Whip up some some primitive play-doh and let partygoers create their own fossils. They can use the dough over and over again, or you can find a recipe for some to bake in the oven for a permanent creation, almost like an actual fossil!

Don’t Forget to Order your Dinosaur Coloring Book

dinosaur coloring book

Take a journey back to the prehistoric age and explore the fun and wonder of dinosaurs. Whether they be big or small, fierce meat eaters or peaceful plant-eaters, this coloring book has a variety of dinosaurs in their natural surroundings. It contains a variety of images, some simpler with one dinosaur and some more detailed with multiple dinosaurs interacting with each other. All images have the dinosaur’s name underneath. So, if you have a dinosaur lover, then this dinosaur coloring book is for you. Buy your copy today!

One of the best dinosaur coloring books! “This coloring book is great – my son absolutely loves it. The dinosaurs are realistic but not scary looking and each picture has the name of the dinosaur underneath. He loves calling out the ones he knows.” ~ 5-star Amazon review

What you will find in this book:

  • 40 individual unique dinosaur drawings and backgrounds
  • Designs are single sided to minimize bleeding through the page especially when using markers.
  • 8.5 x 11 inch size pages which is a nice large size for small hands.

Coloring and similar activities can relax your child, assist with pencil grip and help unleash their creativity. Great for home or the classroom, or as a gift idea, or perfect when paired with some crayon or coloring pencils.

Download Your Free Dinosaur Party Planner

As a mom, I know how chaotic things can be when trying to plan something, whether it’s a party with all of your child’s friends or a family fun day.

The last thing you want to do is forget a vital part of your fun day. Even if everyone else has a good time, this is a parent or guardian’s worst nightmare. You understand, right?

That’s why I’m including this bonus dinosaur-themed party planner. Just right-click (on a computer) or tap and hold (on a mobile phone) to save to your device. I hope you find it useful!

dinosaur party planner

Hope you have a roarrr-ing party!