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Just Launched – Beneath the Tranquil Sea – An Adult Relaxation Coloring Book

Very excited to be launching a new coloring book for adults – Beneath the Tranquil Sea. Whilst a deviation from children’s books, I thought it was time to think about the parents. My daughter is always asking me to color in with her but when I try, she just wants me to watch. This way, I can have my own book and she can have hers but we can do it together. Win-Win!

Beneath the Tranquil Sea
Beneath the Tranquil Sea

Of course, it is believed that there are other benefits to adult coloring, these include:

– improving mood;
– reducing anxiety and stress; and
– enhancing mindfulness

All good things, I say. 

Beneath the Tranquil Sea contains 50 calming mandala sea animals and scenes on single-sided paper, keeping you entertained for hours and is available through Amazon. Enjoy!