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JMcG Books – 2020 In Review

Reflecting on 2020, a year that this time last year you could never predict or imagine. Whilst the events over the course of the year have taken a toll on so many people, I always try and seek out the positives. For me, the lockdowns and time at home have enabled me to enjoy more quality time with my children and actually have dinners together. A small but a welcome change.

Similarly, by removing the travel time to and from work, I have been able to spend more time doing what I love which is writing books with two new picture books (Potty Time for Boys and Potty Time for Girls) published and three coloring books (I actually took the plunge and decided to give this a try) in 2020. The highest number of books I’ve ever created in a year.

I would also like to say a big thank you for all those who have read or purchased my books – your support means so much and I hope they gave you some enjoyment.

Who knows what 2021 will bring, but I hope for everyone reading this, you and your families have a better year. Wishing you all a very happy and safe 2021!