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Come Out Mr Poo! - Potty Training for Kids Picture Book

Come Out Mr Poo!

This delightful and funny children’s picture book will help your child get ready for doing number twos in the potty or toilet. Perfect if your child is showing concern about transitioning out of diapers. This encouraging story shows how they can become a ‘big kid’ and that there is nothing to be afraid of.


Full of colorful, fun illustrations and written in verse, this is a favorite for parents and children alike. It doesn’t take itself too seriously and is meant to bring humor to lighten the pressure that sometimes builds when children take longer to master potty training.


Come Out Mr Poo! is an Amazon Bestseller and continues to be a hit helping children with potty training and more specifically stool withholding. 


There is a link to a FREE downloadable potty training chart and Come Out Mr Poo! coloring book contained in the book.


Available in paperback and eBook formats

So helpful! April 2, 2021 
This book helped my son poop in toilet ! He even says hi to it lol . He’s no longer afraid of poop . He calls poop Mr poop and looks forward to pooping in toilet ! Thank you !!!! Get this book if your child is disgusted or scared of pooping in toilet .

Thank you! June 5, 2017 
This book got my little one interested in sitting on the toilet and having a go, when we have struggled a lot. It’s colourful and fun and she thinks Mr Poo is hilarious.

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