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Can You Imagine Saying Goodbye to Diapers?

Having a small child means dealing with the necessary evil of dirty diapers. As babies grow into toddlers who eat solid foods, the diaper
duty becomes a smelly business that no one enjoys. More often than not, it falls to mum to clean up the stinky mess.

Potty training is the segue between diapers and big kid underwear. It’s something every parent goes through, although some experiences are more challenging than others. If you’re wondering how I know, I’m also a mum (and had some challenging times with one of my kids), although my children are past the potty training stage now.

diapers and potty training
potty training

No mum wants to spend Mother’s Day up to their ears in dirty diapers. You may not get breakfast in bed, flowers, and time to read your
favorite novel, but a diaper break would be nice.
Here are some tips for potty training success to help everyone have a stress-free (and hopefully

diaper-free) Mother’s Day!

5 Tips for Potty Training Success!
1. Recognize the Signs
Your child will let you know when they’re ready to begin the potty training process. Even if they don’t use verbal clues, their bodies will tell you, such as when they can go for a few hours without going potty in their diaper.

2. Develop a Routine
If you notice that your child soils their diaper at certain times throughout the day (for example, 90 mins after eating a meal), then use that as a starting guide for when to encourage them to try to go potty in the toilet.

3. Get a Petite Potty
An adult-sized toilet seems huge to a small child. The size alone can be enough to intimidate them, but a child-size potty that’s only for them can make going potty an exciting adventure.

4. Ditch the Diapers
A diaper absorbs wetness, which makes it difficult for your child to feel uncomfortable when they go potty. Big-kid underpants, on the other hand, provide a sensory clue about when an accident has happened.

5. Introduce Potty Time with Books
Potty training books written for toddlers help introduce the concept on a level they understand. The books also help keep your little one occupied while they’re sitting on their pint-sized potty and waiting for nature to take its course.

Potty Training Books

Come Out Mr Poo!
Come Out Mr Poo!
Potty Time for Girls
Potty Time for Girls
Potty Time for Boys
Potty Time for Boys

And of course, praise your little one whether they successfully used the potty chair or tried really hard. Knowing they have your unconditional
support is a great motivator.
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