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Amazing What You Can Learn…

Sometimes it is amazing what you can learn from others… Being an indie author, it is sometimes difficult to assess if people like what you are creating.  You do get reviews which are extremely helpful, though they are not always forthcoming. For me, hiring an editor and getting unbiased feedback has been invaluable.  But this is just one way.

Recently, I joined the Children’s Book Council of Australia and am involved in the Northern Sydney branch. Meeting other successful, inspiring and supportive authors continues to give me the encouragement to keep learning, trying and creating more books. It is a great way to meet other like minded people who have been through or are going through what you are doing.  Not only do you learn more about the industry, publishing and promotion, you get to meet and network with some truly amazing authors.

At each meeting, authors get to present their new book babies (these are their new released books) to the rest of the group. Knowing how much time, effort and passion goes into creating each and every book, this part of the meeting is always the most exciting. The photo below is when I was able to present Come Out Mr Poo! as my book baby.

I’d recommend getting involved in author/writer groups in your local area if you are thinking of becoming a writer or are interested in continuing to refine your craft. 

New children's picture books - amazing what you can learn