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3 Ways to Avoid a Sugar Overload This Halloween!

Kids Halloween Treats - Avoid a Sugar Overload
kids Halloween treats

Want to Avoid a Sugar Overload this year? Halloween is almost here, and soon kids will go door-to-door shouting, “Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat!”

Of course, what goes into their goody bags is usually full of sugar. It’s not unusual for children to want to dig into their Halloween treat bag and devour the contents when they get home from trick-or-treating.

There are ways to curb an overindulgence in candy. With a little planning ahead, you can use fun activities to avoid other Halloween horrors. Here are my top three favorite ideas:

  • Make some popcorn and watch a short Halloween episode of your favorite cartoon or family-friendly television show.
  • Pull out the crayons or markers and a brand-new Halloween-themed coloring book. (Scroll down for suggestions!)
  • Make some healthy snacks to supplement a couple of pieces of candy from your child’s treat bag. This is a fun compromise. You could even have your children help make the snacks! I’ve included some recipes for healthy Halloween treats below.

Staying Safe This Halloween

It’s always important to be safe, but more so at Halloween. The sun sets earlier, making it more difficult for drivers to see little princesses, superheroes, ghosts, and goblins as they go around the neighborhood. The Safe Kids Worldwide website has a full page of tips to help you and your littles stay safe this Halloween. You may want to read through the list with your child so that the whole family is prepared.

If you a looking for a fun Halloween Coloring Book for kids, a great way to keep them away from the treats, check out my Halloween Coloring Book. Full of fun, spooky images ready for your own sprinkle of creativity.